Improve outcomes.
Reduce costs.

Personalize surgical care journeys and deploy evidence-based best practices at scale.

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The technology-driven solution for value-based care

Best-in-class patient outcomes

Personalize care plans to reduce length of stay, same-day cancellations, post-surgical complications, and readmissions.

Industry-leading cost savings

Automate routine tasks and guide patients to the appropriate venue of care, optimizing resources allocation and system utilization.

Premium patient experience

Empower patient with the tools and resources to feel connected, informed, and in control along every step of their healthcare journey.

Improved provider satisfaction

Our technology helps clinicians spend less time charting on computers and more time caring for patients.

Orchestrate care across the entire surgical journey

PIA™ (Precisely Intelligent Assistant) is a virtual patient navigator that coordinates high-quality, patient-centered care from end-to-end. PIA mitigates surgical risk and optimizes outcomes by eliminating oversights and creating dynamic care plans that are personalized to the unique needs and goals of every patient.

Preoperative Evaluation

Preoperative Evaluation

Eliminate gaps in care.

We ensure every patient receives a consistent and appropriate preoperative evaluation that follows the latest evidence-based guidelines.

Surgical Optimization

Surgical Optimization

Prepare for surgery.

Patients are coached through personalized prehabilitation plans that optimize their presurgical health across five essential, patient-centered domains.

Post-Discharge Monitoring

Post-Discharge Monitoring

Prioritize continuity of care.

Patient engagement extends beyond discharge to track recovery progress and treatment adherence, preventing complications before they arise.

Optimize your approach to perioperative medicine

Precisely delivers a comprehensive and connected experience for the patient and care team.

Optimize Approach

Simplify the process of delivering complex care.

Improved efficiency

We handle routine and time-consuming administrative tasks.

Superior engagement

We empower your patients with customized tools and resources.

Data security

End-to-end encryption and industry leading data privacy practices.

Every patient is unique.
Their care should be too.

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