Leave Routine Health Care to Us

Healthcare professionals spend an inordinate amount of time on repetitive work.
Precisely's Intelligent Assistant does the routine work of patient management, looping in healthcare professionals when they're needed.

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Introducing PIA, a Digital Assistant for the Clinic

Precisely Intelligent Assistant (PIA™) becomes a member of the care team and handles routine, time-consuming functions, meeting the on-going needs of patients and freeing up care providers
to work at the top of their license.

An always on contact point for patients

PIA guides patients through standard protocols, answers common questions with the goal of improving outcomes and patient satisfaction.

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Loop in the care team in when it matters

PIA frees up the care team to work on higher level tasks and escalates issues when key decisions need to be made or to schedule patient visits.

Stay on top of clinical protocols

PIA's programmable logic permits implementation of arbitrary health care programs. Work with us to roll out standards and evidence-based health care flows.

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Follow up on lab work

PIA workflows are capable of ordering routine tests, nudging patients to completion and analyzing results.

Manage patient medications effectively

PIA workflows can perform drug titration and dose management. PIA engages with the patient to ensure adherence and optimal dosing, while checking for reactions, interactions and pharmacogenetics, where necessary.

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A Solution for Value-based Care

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Lower Costs

Precisely Intelligent Assistant (PIA)

 standardizes care and lowers costs by handling repetitive, routine functions.

Implement Quality Standards

PIA modules include clinically-validated flows that systematize care and provide value-based metrics.

Improve Outcomes

PIA facilitates deep patient engagement, improving satisfaction and clinical outcomes.